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Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking, Etching & Engraving Systems

What You Should Know About Laser Marking Machines


What You Should Know About Laser Marking Machines

Laser engraving is the process of etching designs, texts or carves onto the hard objects’ surfaces by use of concentrated beam of light


Evolution of Engraving

In history, the ancient man used to engrave stones in honor of their gods and rulers. With time, the engraving technology has advanced. Today it is done by use of the laser etching machines and computers. The machines work on the principle of removing material from the surface, and the unwanted substance is vaporized by laser light.


Working Principle

The laser engraving resembles the printing of the high-resolution point matrix. As the laser head moves from side to side, it engraves dots that form lines, the laser head then moves up and down etching a several lines. It is those lines that form letters and images.


Uses of Laser Engraving

The laser engraving method has a broad range of applications such as in vector graphics, scanned graphics and texts among others. The popularity of the laser marking machines has recently risen for their exceptional ability to expand product lines, increasing productivity and thus the business profits increases.


Bright Future with Laser engraving

Laser engraving promises a greater future. The sales of equipment are consistently growing, and the choice of the available equipment is broadening by the help of new technologies and the enhancements of software. Unlike the ancient man, today there is no hard time in understanding the great changes with the engraving techniques. With laser engraving, businesses owners can personalize or customize their businesses.


Needham Group of Companies.

One of the largest producer company of laser marking machines is Needham. In the laser machine category, the company strives to deliver exceptional products in their market. Their products are strong and reliable when it comes to record tracking. The company strives to offer their customers with the best value for their money. The Needham laser are also known to offer exclusive after sales services on time. Their products are portable and fitting to your work.



Finding the Right Laser Marking Machines


There are different machines that can come in handy for a company or that are needed in order for that company to do all that it is meant to do. When a company is looking to purchase any kind of machine, they need to know that the one that they pick out is one that is going to work out well for their needs. If you are someone who is working for a company that is looking to purchase laser marking machines, then you need to know what you should look for in such machines and how you can get one that is right for your needs.

Look for a Laser Marking Machine that Works in a Clean Way:

Make sure that the machine that you pick out is one that is going to take care of the work that you need to have completed in a way that is clean and good. Look for a machine that knows how to take on the work that you would like to have completed and that will do things in a good manner.

Look for a Laser Marking Machine that Runs Well:

Find a machine that is going to run in a smooth and good way. Make sure that the machine that you find is one that is going to run right as you complete the work that you would like to get done. Make sure that the machine will keep running as you do what you need to do.

Look for a Good Laser Marking Machine:

If you are choosing a laser marking machine, make sure that you find one that is made in a good way.


What to Look for When Buying Laser Marking Machines


What to look for when buying laser marking machines

Do you need to buy several laser marking machines? Are you not absolutely sure what to look for when it comes to choosing the best for your purposes?

If so, here are a few things that a good laser marking machine should include, as well as some tips on how to buy the best for your needs.

Marking everything from jewelry to a file cabinet-- No matter what you think you may need a laser marking machine for, you may actually find you need it for other things as well. That is why, if you are going to buy a few laser marking machines, you should make sure you buy the ones that will mark everything from a piece of jewelry to the inside of your car.

Able to mark all kinds of metals-- Even if you are going to be marking specific metals, it still pays to have laser marking machines that can mark just about any metal. Whether silver, gold, steel or titanium, buy a machine that will mark anything.

Buy one with easy set up-- Make sure you buy a laser marking machines that is easy to set up, with just a quick configuration needed with the computer software. This will save you hours of time messing around, and allow you to be up and running in no time.

Easily trolley mounted-- If you are going to be using the machine to mark things that are not in your workshop, you will need it to be trolley mounted. When you buy a laser marking machine, make sure it can be easily trolley mounted so that you do not have to go out and buy special attachments once you realize a trolley is going to be needed for a job.


Laser Marking Machines can Work with a Variety of Materials

            laser marking machines

There are a number of different methods used to create imprints or markings on various materials. The type of machine used for this purpose often depends on what the material is made of. The new laser marking machines can be used on a broad spectrum of materials, making them more useful for professional etching jobs. A basic laser etching machine could be used in the fields of medicine, science and even jewelry making. As a machine designed to make imprints on metal surfaces it could also be used in the automotive industry to place numbers on metal parts.

Computerized Systems

The laser marking machines are available in several styles, most of which are designed to connect to a computer. These high-tech systems come with their own special software designed to make using the machines a breeze. The front surface of the machine is usually equipped with a screen where digital specifications are viewed. The computer software allows users to select from the different types of materials the machine is capable of marking. It could also allow users to select their own font from those included in the program or from those currently installed on their computer.

One Tool for All Projects

The laser used to mark material creates a more precise cut than what could be obtained from any other type of etching or engraving tool. This makes the laser marking machines ideal tools for engraving letters or etching designs on precious metals for jewelry making. They can also be used to engrave designs on pieces of wood or plastic. The laser etching machine is one of the best for adding serial numbers to commercial items being produced for sale. This type of machine is available in a low cost compact version, making it the ideal tool for home-based businesses.


Laser Marking Machine


A laser marking machine is a device used to leave a permanent readable mark that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and be traceable at the same time. Some of the permanent markings that a laser machine can create includes; barcodes, QR codes, logos and UID codes.

What Is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is when a light beam interacts with the surface of a certain material and slightly alters its appearance or properties. This process is also referred to as laser coloration or laser dark marking.

How Do These Machines Work?

A laser machine moves a low-powered beam slowly across a material using a method called, discoloration, this leaves high contrast marks on the surface without disrupting it. Additionally, the laser heats the material causing oxidation under its surface hence turning it black and this creates whatever is desired by the user.

Types Of Laser Marking Machines

There are 2 main types of laser machines available in the market. However, there is a main difference between the two of them in terms of the laser source they use. Here we will discuss the fiber lasers and the CO2 lasers.

• Fiber lasers; this laser belong to the solid state laser group. They generate a laser beam through a seed laser and amplify it in a specially manufactured glass, which is fuelled with energy via pump diodes. Fiber laser produces a small center diameter marking them powerful than the CO2 laser. Examples of fiber lasers include Vereo fiber laser, Zetalase fiber laser, and MLMe laser machine.
• CO2 laser; this are gas lasers that are based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture which is stimulated electrically. They are the most used laser types because of their efficiency and produce a very good beam quality. Minilase laser marking machine is an example of a CO2 laser machine.


Whether you want to create a permanent mark on wood, leather, stones or coated metals you can easily shop around and get high-quality laser marking machine that will get the job done. Read more about laser marking machines come visit us at


Laser Marking Machines For Business

                        laser marking machines

Laser marking machines for your business are far more efficient and simple to use. You may place an item for marking in the machine, and the marking will take mere moments. You may use the laser marking machines for inventory, custom engraving and standard production, and this article explains how every laser marking machine works.

#1: Inventory

You may complete your inventory with a laser marking machine because the machine provides a number or letter system that marks your items. You may place a plate into the laser marking machine, and your staff may be trained to do the same thing. Inventory becomes a permanent mark on your items, and you may complete new engraving every day.

#2: Custom Engraving

Laser marking machines will complete custom engraving when you are creating projects for your customers. Customers may place orders that requires names and numbers to be added to your items, and you must ensure that you have a machine that will create consistent work. The consistency and precision of the laser machine will no doubt make your items popular, and you must ensure that you are using the machine for every project.

#3: How Long Will A Laser Marking Machine Work?

A laser marking machine using a small amount of power, and it may be serviced quite easily when you are using it every day. Designate days off during the year to service your machine, and you may keep a single machine for quite a long time. You are making an investment in the future of your business by purchasing just one laser marking machine.

Every laser engraving job you do must look good, and you will secure proper engraving with a laser machine that moves quickly. Every item that leaves your offices will look perfect, and everyone may learn to use the device.


Laser Marking Machines Can Be Helpful

                laser marking machines

Laser Marking Machines Can Be Very Helpful

There are some kinds of machines out there that you might never have heard of before, but that will be very helpful to you if you let them be. You should try and use laser marking machines if that is something that you are in need of, and you will be amazed by how helpful they can be. You will love that you are able to get everything done smoothly and quickly thanks to this kind of machine, and you will want to use it over and over again because of how well it works.

It Will Make You Feel Good To Get Things Done Smoothly

If the laser marking machine is something that works well, then there is no reason that things shouldn't get done smoothly. You will be able to have everything taken care of in a short amount of time, and with no stress on you, and both of those things will leave you feeling great. You will be so glad that you decided to have this done. You will be glad that you decided to go with a good machine that will help everything to turn out well.

You Will Not Be Stressed

When you use a laser marking machine, you will not have to be stressed out about anything. Instead, you will be able to just get everything done quickly and without a worry. You will not have to stress out over how things will get done, but you will instead be able to trust the machine to do all of the hard work for you and to get things done well.