Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking, Etching & Engraving Systems

Laser Marking Machines can Work with a Variety of Materials

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There are a number of different methods used to create imprints or markings on various materials. The type of machine used for this purpose often depends on what the material is made of. The new laser marking machines can be used on a broad spectrum of materials, making them more useful for professional etching jobs. A basic laser etching machine could be used in the fields of medicine, science and even jewelry making. As a machine designed to make imprints on metal surfaces it could also be used in the automotive industry to place numbers on metal parts.

Computerized Systems

The laser marking machines are available in several styles, most of which are designed to connect to a computer. These high-tech systems come with their own special software designed to make using the machines a breeze. The front surface of the machine is usually equipped with a screen where digital specifications are viewed. The computer software allows users to select from the different types of materials the machine is capable of marking. It could also allow users to select their own font from those included in the program or from those currently installed on their computer.

One Tool for All Projects

The laser used to mark material creates a more precise cut than what could be obtained from any other type of etching or engraving tool. This makes the laser marking machines ideal tools for engraving letters or etching designs on precious metals for jewelry making. They can also be used to engrave designs on pieces of wood or plastic. The laser etching machine is one of the best for adding serial numbers to commercial items being produced for sale. This type of machine is available in a low cost compact version, making it the ideal tool for home-based businesses.