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What You Should Know About Laser Marking Machines


What You Should Know About Laser Marking Machines

Laser engraving is the process of etching designs, texts or carves onto the hard objects’ surfaces by use of concentrated beam of light


Evolution of Engraving

In history, the ancient man used to engrave stones in honor of their gods and rulers. With time, the engraving technology has advanced. Today it is done by use of the laser etching machines and computers. The machines work on the principle of removing material from the surface, and the unwanted substance is vaporized by laser light.


Working Principle

The laser engraving resembles the printing of the high-resolution point matrix. As the laser head moves from side to side, it engraves dots that form lines, the laser head then moves up and down etching a several lines. It is those lines that form letters and images.


Uses of Laser Engraving

The laser engraving method has a broad range of applications such as in vector graphics, scanned graphics and texts among others. The popularity of the laser marking machines has recently risen for their exceptional ability to expand product lines, increasing productivity and thus the business profits increases.


Bright Future with Laser engraving

Laser engraving promises a greater future. The sales of equipment are consistently growing, and the choice of the available equipment is broadening by the help of new technologies and the enhancements of software. Unlike the ancient man, today there is no hard time in understanding the great changes with the engraving techniques. With laser engraving, businesses owners can personalize or customize their businesses.


Needham Group of Companies.

One of the largest producer company of laser marking machines is Needham. In the laser machine category, the company strives to deliver exceptional products in their market. Their products are strong and reliable when it comes to record tracking. The company strives to offer their customers with the best value for their money. The Needham laser are also known to offer exclusive after sales services on time. Their products are portable and fitting to your work.